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Holiday Traditions

"Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand, and for a talk beside the fire: It is the time for home."

- Edith Sitwell 

 It's officially December and winter is in full swing! Long, dark nights are spent staying warm at home and cozying up with friends, family, and loves ones (including the four-legged ones!). And, as we all bide our time until the sun returns, there's no better time to find comfort in the traditions we embrace year after year, even if they look slightly different while living in England.

Through social media and at last month's Flavors of Fall event, we asked you – our community – to share your favorite traditions that you have kept up with over the years, and we've learned so much about you! Keep reading to learn more about our Tri-base traditions – maybe you'll find inspiration to start a new tradition of your own this year!

Tried & true traditions and brand-spanking-new ones too!

An important part of the holiday season is the traditions that we participate in that make it special for us. Whether this means indulging in delicious food or adorning your house in seasonal keepsakes, your FSS has your back! We have everything you need to help maintain your traditions while overseas – from yummy food choices at The Liberty Club and DFAC, to classes and activities to keep you and your loved ones busy and festive at the Wood Shop, Liberty Lanes, ITT, and more.

Or, why not create a new tradition to mark your time living in England – something that's fresh and unique to you and your time here? FSS can help with that too! Head over to Arts & Crafts and create your own ornament or take a trip to Liberty Library to find your new winter read. The possibilities are endless, and we want to help make this time of year special for you!

What does winter mean to you, RAF Lakenheath?

We loved hearing all about your favorite traditions, and we want to keep sharing them all month long! Read about the submissions we've already received, and then follow the link at the end of the blog to submit your own! We will update this blog with our new submissions!

Ericksen Family

"Our favorite Christmas tradition is matching family pajamas on Christmas Eve. However, we don't wait until evening to open them. We like to open them in the morning and stay in them all day. That way we get to enjoy them all day while cuddling and enjoying each other's company.Then, we do a little Christmas caroling and have delicious Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner before reading the nativity and heading to bed to wait for Santa's arrival!"

The Ericksen family are featured this month because they participated in the "Caper of Sir Vis's Sword" in October's magazine! If you'd like to be featured like this, check back every month for different opportunities to get involved!

 Winters Family

The Winters family celebrates the winter season by having or going to big bonfires!

 Johnson-Barboza Family

A big part of winter for the Johnson-Barboza family is making and sharing food, like tamales.

Mihalyi Family

As part of the spirit of the season, the Mihalyi family participates in local giving tree events!

Andre Jacques

For Andre, winter means time in the snow, going on hikes, and enjoying all of the scenic nature!

Jessica Canada

When Jessica thinks of wintertime, she thinks of all the volunteering she can do for her local community. 

 O'Neil Family

For the O'Neils, winter is lounging around in their matching pajamas as a family!

Read Family 

For the Read family, opening presents with all the fam was the best part of the season!

Krofft Family

December in the Krofft family looks like putting up the Christmas tree with mulled wine! 

Asiya Simon

For Asiya, the best tradition that she has kept going is a big checkers tournament! 

Nayelly Rodriguez  

A favorite family tradition of Nayelly was how they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve! 

Nikita Sansone 

Nikita's family is big on the new year, and she has great memories of her family at the Okinawan New Year celebration! 

Andrea Malone 

Andrea's highlight of the season is the Christmas dinner! 

Brian Krafty   

When Brian thinks of winter, he thinks of shoveling the driveway as he was growing up! 

This could be YOU! 

Fill out your own family traditions below, and we'll put them on this blog! 

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