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To apply for a NAF job with the 48 FSS team, click the button below and it will take you to where you can apply to join our team. Also, take a look at our easy to follow guide to help you with the process.


If You are a current NAF employee, please logon yo NAFpay to retrieve your W2. Click the document bellow for directions.

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NAF Pay Plans

NAF employees are paid from revenue generated by Air Force clubs, bowling centers, golf courses and other facilities and programs which distinguishes us from civil service employees paid from funds appropriated by Congress. If you are considering employment with one of our first-rate teams, the 48th Force Support Squadron NAF-HR team is pleased to assist you. There are 3 major categories (pay plans) of NAF positions within the 48th Force Support Squadron:

  • NF (clerical, administrative support, managerial):
    Ex: Recreation Aids/Assistants, Accounting Technician, Operations Clerk, Retail Manager
  • NA/NL/NS (laboring, crafts & trades):
    Ex: Laborer, Motor Vehicle Operator, Custodial Worker, Food Service Worker, Waiter Leader, Bartender Supervisor
  • CY (child care):
    Ex: Child and Youth Program Assistants

We have three types of NAF appointments:

  • Flexible NAF Employment: Zero to 40 hours per week. No benefits. Does not cause loss of Military Spouse Preference (MSP).
  • Regular Part-Time NAF Employment: Regular part-time employees have a regular schedule of at least 20 (20-34) hours per week.
  • Regular Full-Time NAF Employment: Regular full-time employees have a regular schedule of 35 to 40 hours per week.

Great Benefits

Regular category NAF employees enjoy benefits similar to GS employees, such as annual leave, sick leave, retirement, 401k, health and life insurance, workers compensation, overtime and holiday pay.

About Us

The Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Human Resources Office is responsible for all facets of US NAF personnel management for the 48th Force Support Squadron. The NAF-HR team and squadron leadership work together to recruit, retain, and develop a highly competent, diverse workforce that upholds the mission, vision and values of the 48th Force Support Squadron in support of the men and women of the 48th Fighter Wing. NAF employment is federal employment, however, it is different from federal civil service.

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