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Honor Guard

Our primary mission is to provide funeral honors for our fallen comrades. Mandated by Congress, every deceased veteran will have military burial honors and we are proud to provide these honors. We serve as ambassadors of the Air Force on and off base.

Whether you are interested in becoming a member of the Honor Guard, or simply need more information, get in touch; we are here to help.

Additional Duties

Additional duties of the RAF Lakenheath Base Honor Guard include, but are not limited to:

• Retirement Ceremonies
• Change of Command Ceremonies
• Color Teams for Official Receptions, Base and Community Functions
• Wedding Ceremonies
• Parades and Base/Community Sporting Events

Becoming a Member


Membership on the Honor Guard is strictly voluntary. Individuals interested in becoming a member of the Honor Guard must meet the following requirements.

A Volunteering Attitude
Approval of Supervisor, 1st Sergeant and Commander
Strictly comply with Uniform and Fitness Standards
No unfavorable information files, disciplinary, or adverse administrative action pending
Have at least 13 months remaining on station until DEROS
Attend weekly practice on Thursdays from 1500-1700


  • Wing Level Annual Awards program
  • Distinctive Uniforms
  • Participation at Special Functions and Events
  • The opportunity to compete at the MAJCOM and Air Force wide level
  • Excellent bullet for EPR’s and letters of recommendation, sense of pride, dedication and tradition as “Ambassadors in Blue” to the military and civilian community.

Military Funeral Honors


The RAF Lakenheath Base Honor Guard provides military honors for Retirees and Veterans.

 In accordance with The Department of the Air Force Instruction 34-160, the Air Force will provide funeral honors at the place of final disposition.

What We Provide:

-Military Funeral Honors with two, Base Honor Guard members.

--Flag fold and interment flag presentation to the next of Kin

--Playing of “Taps”

--NOTE:  The Installation Commander can authorize up to (7) Honor Guard members if requested. 

---To Request a Firing Party Team, please annotate on the Base Honor Guard Request Form located here.


Eligibility Requirement:

-Former military members who were discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable by means of an honorable or under honorable conditions (general) discharge.


Required Documents:

-DD Form 214, or similar discharge paperwork showing proof of service and discharge status

-Picture (if applicable) of a military Identification card

-Base Honor Guard Request Form


Denial of Military Honors:

-Dishonorable discharge

-Bad conduct discharge

-Dismissal from the Service awarded by courts-martial

-Officer resignation for the good of the service in lieu of a courts-martial

-Enlisted member discharged under a Request for Discharge in Lieu of Trial by Courts-Martial

-Service members that died while any of the categories outlined above were awarded by the proper authority, but not yet executed

-A person who has been convicted of a federal capital crime and whose conviction is final

-A person who has been convicted of a State capital crime and whose conviction is final

-A person who is found, based on clear and convincing evidence, to have committed a federal capital crime or a state capital crime, but has not been convicted of such crime by reason of such person not being available for trial due to death or flight which avoids prosecution

-A person who is a veteran, or who died while in active-duty status or as a member of a Reserve component, when the circumstances surrounding the person’s death, based on clear and convincing evidence, are such that to provide honors at the funeral or burial of the person would likely bring discredit upon the Department of the Air Force

-For purpose of determining whether alleged misconduct is service-discrediting, all potential federal, state, and Uniform Code of Military Justice offenses implicated by the facts known at the time of death will be deemed to have been committed by the decedent.


Honor Guard Contact:

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or and the request will be answered within 8 hours after receipt of the call.


Honor Guard

Building 977