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Liberty Lodge

As a fully functional Air Force lodging facility, we offer an array of amenities to include: pet-friendly rooms (space permitting, additional fees apply), third-party hire services through Outdoor Recreation, cyber lounge, and access to an on-base AAFES car rental agency.

Do you have family coming to visit? Lodging is available to book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lodging & Housing Requirements

Please Note: Availability of units is limited during PCS season, so book early. The Housing Office will determine the amount of days that will be reimbursable based on the availability of government quarters.

Liberty Lodge has 21 pet-friendly rooms. When you contact Liberty Lodge to request a pet room reservation, a guest services representative will confirm the availability or non-availability of these rooms. Pets are only allowed in pet-friendly rooms and Air Force Inns permits only dogs and/or cats, restricted to two pets per family. In conjunction with regular room rates, an additional fee of $10.00 per night will be assessed.

If on-base pet rooms are unavailable, but there are vacancies in other suitable room types, Liberty Lodge will offer to make a reservation in a non-pet unit and will provide you with a current list of local kennels to board your pet. The guest services representative will notify you of availability by telephone or E-mail as appropriate.

If a pet room becomes available before or during your stay with Liberty Lodge, staff will contact you to offer a room-type adjustment. You may also check availability daily by calling the front desk.

When on-base accommodation is unavailable, guest services representatives can assist you and/or your sponsor to obtain an off-base hotel reservation. Our staff will provide a current local listing of hotels to you and/or your sponsor by email.

At check-in, you must provide your pet's immunization records to Liberty Lodge staff.

Airport Information

Locate an Airport

Heathrow Airport
London, England
110 miles from base

Gatwick Airport
London, England
114.5 miles from base

Stansted Airport
(Trans-European Flights)
London, England
55 miles from base

Lodging Rates

Compare & Save

  • Visiting Quarters (VQs): $161
  • Temporary Living Facilities (TLFs): $178
  • Distinguished Visitor Quarters (DVQs): $194
    Rates vary based on location and are within per diem levels for all locations.

Incoming & TDY Personnel

Reservations can be made prior to your orders being processed. Booking well in advance will assist in assuring your room is secured.


Guest with questions about their per diem/reimbursement authorizations will need to contact

48 FW/CPTS (Comptroller's squadron) DSN: 226-3967 COMM: 01638 523517 or East Anglia Military Housing Office at DSN 226-2000/2804 COMM: 01638 52200/522804.

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Liberty Lodge

Building 984

Opening Hours

  • Mon. - Sun.
  • Check-In
    2:00 pm (4:00 pm for pet units)
  • Guest Services/Reservations
    DSN: 314-226-6700
    Commercial: 01638526700
    Commercial from the US: +441638526700

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.