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Career Development- Relocations

Covid Stop Movement

There are two separate travel authorizations that apply to RAF Lakenheath.

1. Authorization for movement from a “green” location to another “green” location. RAFL is currently “green.” If your gaining location is also “green” then you are authorized to move consistent with your current DEROS. (Stop Movement Guidance Part I, para 2)

2. USAFE-wide waiver. This waiver allows individuals to PCS even if their gaining location is “red.” However, to utilize this travel authority, you must obtain permission for travel from both your gaining and losing unit leadership. The approval can be documented via either memo or email and can come from either Commander, Chief/Squadron Superintendent, First Sergeant, or CSS Section Commander.

Please ensure you meet the requirement of whichever condition apply to you. If you require leadership approval under condition #2 you should seek this approval well in advance of your Final Out appointment. Regardless of what travel authorization you qualify for, you are required to keep your gaining unit informed of your travel plans and itinerary. Local conditions around the world are continuously changing, so you should ensure that you are always referencing the most correct guidance. The full Stop Movement Guidance and the Installation Green/Red Listing can be found on myPers: https://mypers.af.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/46624. If you have questions please see your CSS for assistance.

Customer Support

ID Cards

Is your Common Access Card (CAC), dependent ID card, or retiree ID card expiring within 30 days? If so, you must renew it. Do this by making an appointment with the MPF Customer Support section.

Have you just received a new Common Access Card (CAC)? If so, click the link to update your certificates: PKI Certificate Recovery

Accepting walk-ins for CAC unblocks.

Appointment only for all other requests.

If you are unsure whether or not you need to make an appointment, please contact us at DSN 226-5131.

How to make an appointment:

Step 1: click the link: RAPIDS appointment scheduler

Step 2: under Site Locator & Appointments click Continue

Step 3: Under Show Locations Near type Lakenheath and click Search

Step 4: click MORE INFO for the Lakenheath option and click SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT

Appointments must be made at least 12 hours in advance

Customer Support

Passport Services

Tourist Passports - Adult (First-Time) and Children: Accepting appointments
Tourist Passports - Adult Renewals: Submit application via US Embassy London's mail-in service


Official/No-Fee Passports: Accepting appointments
Consular Report of Birth Abroad/SSN Card: Accepting appointments
Exemption Vignettes: Accepting appointments, expect severe delays

For appointments and further inquiries, please contact 226-1210.

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The Military Personnel Flight provides personnel support to Active Duty members and their families from passports and visas, to assignments and decorations.

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