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The men, women and families of RAF Lakenheath want to interact with new surroundings, experience new things and travel to new places. Here is your opportunity to send a personal invitation to them. You can get your message out to a diverse group of potential clients who may not have heard of your business otherwise.

Let us know who your target customers are and we’ll help get your message to them. A consistent and repetitive advertising campaign is the best way to build your brand and ensure ongoing support for your business. 48th FSS Marketing & Publicity can tailor a comprehensive marketing plan to meet your needs.

Our Publications

atEase Want to know what’s going on? This monthly publication features everything you need to know about upcoming RAF Lakenheath Force Support events and activities.

52° North Looking for an adventure? This bi-annual publication highlights tours, trips and outdoor adventures all over the UK and Europe through the Information, Tickets and Travel & Outdoor Recreation programs.

The 48th Flash Want to stay in the know? Our hyperlinked PDF newsletter features 48th Force Support events happening on RAF Lakenheath and is delivered once a week straight to your inbox. Sign-up today!

Advertising with 48FSS

We offer a wide variety of advertising options to help you reach your target market. Advertising space is available in our monthly publication the atEase magazine, our bi-annual publication the 52° North Travel, Recreation & Leisure Guide, web ads on lakenheathfss.com or electronic slides on the Qubica screens at the Liberty Lanes Bowling Center and more.


Who are you going to solicit and who is going to conduct the solicitations?

The Joint Ethics Regulations (JER) prohibits federal employees, even when acting in their personal capacity, from soliciting from organizations that do business with or seek to do business with the Department of Defense. Also, POs should never solicit from organizations with inherently suspect practices because these organizations could prejudice or bring discredit upon the Air Force. POs, their officers, and their members should be mindful to stay away from these “prohibited sources.”

Next, consider who from your organization will be conducting the off-base solicitation? Be careful when making this decision. No DoD employee may knowingly solicit from persons who are junior in rank, grade or position, whether on or off duty. For organizations like the Officer’s Spouses Club, this prohibition extends to the spouses of DoD employees. To avoid this issue, you should consider soliciting as an organization. Here are the restrictions on PO names and letterhead: (1) you cannot use the term Department of Defense, its seal or the acronym DoD; (2) you cannot use the name, abbreviation, or seal of any military department or military service, and; (3) you cannot use the seal, insignia or other identifying device of the local installation (e.g. AFB, Squadron, Group), without approval from the installation commander. This area of the law can be confusing, so make sure you refer to the examples in AFI 34-223, paragraph 10.1.4.

What is the basis for the solicitation?

You may be seeking to raise money for something that it is a prohibited activity. As a PO, you are prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages, or from conducting games of chance, lotteries, raffles, or other gambling-type activities, except in very limited circumstances. Private Organizations are also prohibited from soliciting funds for activities that will directly duplicate or compete with AAFES or Force Support Squadron (FSS) activities.

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