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  • The Private Organization Office is here to assist any group interested in establishing themselves as a Private Organization at RAF Lakenheath.  We encourage you to take time and read information provided on this site that will help you become an officially recognized Private Organization (PO) at RAF Lakenheath.

    Because Private Organizations operate on Air Force installations with the written authorization of the Commander, 48th Mission Support Group (authority having been delegated by the Commander, 48th Fighter Wing), the Private Organizations Office acts as a liaison between Private Organization members, the Legal  Office , 48th Force Support Commander and the 48th Mission Support Group Commander to get all documentation set up for group establishment as  a Private Organization.

  • Once established, the Private Organization office will maintain a file on each Private Organization and at the end of each fiscal year, will review each Private Organization to ensure all financial statements, documents, records and procedures outlined in the Private Organization Guide are followed and the organizations are in compliance with Air Force Instructions (AFI) and Operating Instructions (OI).

    In order for a group to become a registered Private Organization at RAF Lakenheath, the following documents will need to be submitted to 48 FSS/FSR.

    1. Constitution, bylaws, or other similar documents outlined in the Private Organization Guidance Handbook
    2. Insurance Waiver or Proof of Insurance
    3. Letter to Establish
    4. Privacy Act Statement (list of officers and contact info)
  • Download Documents

    For more information, contact the Private Organization Office, or refer to the following documents.

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