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    Monday-Friday: 7:30am-3:30pm
    *Closed Every Third Tuesday of the Month for Training.

    Building 977 Web Sign-Ins to Schedule Appointments:

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    For Sections on the First Floor:
    Customer Support: ID cards and other services linked below
    Security Forces: 3rd AF License, Register CAC in IACS, register/unregister a vehicle, pay for UK road tax, and TMO / SATO services are also linked below

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    For Sections on the Second Floor:
    Including Career Development and Force Management

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  •  Force Management


    Contact this section for: enlisted/officer report issue, process report RIP requests, process report appeals, process missing reports, process report updates and process CROs.

    48 FSS/FSPM Wing Evaluations
    DSN: 226-5138

    Email us


    Contact this section for: departing, arriving, TDY/Deployment, retirement, separating and service award/decoration actions and management of special awards programs.

    48 FSS/FSPM Force Management
    DSN: 226-1771

    Contact this section for information regarding OPRs/EPRs, Awards and Decorations.
  •  Career Development

    Separations and Retirements

    Contact this section to: Update separation/retirement applications and packages.

    48 FSS/FSPD
    DSN: 226-3717

    Promotions/Special Actions

    Contact this section to: Update promotion/demotion actions, WAPS testing, DLAB/FLPP testing, Line of Duty determination.

    48 FSS/FSMPD
    DSN: 226-3717


    Contact this section for: Re-enlistment/extensions, SPTC, Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRP) Monitor, extensions, Career Job Reservation (CJR)

    DSN: 226-3939


    Contact this section for: PCS orders, assignment availability/limitation code updates, command sponsorship packages, OTEIP DEROS extensions, ERD/DRO packages.

    48 FSS/FSMPD
    DSN: 226-1079

    Email us

    Contact this section for information regarding separations, promotions, special actions, retention, and assignments.
  •  Customer Support

    Customer Support Desk

    48 FSS/FSPS
    DSN: 226-5131

    Rapids Appointment Scheduler

    NCOIC & Asst. NCOIC

    48 FSS/FSPS
    DSN: 226-1713

    Passport Office

    Contact this area regarding any information regarding U.S. official or tourist passports, U.S. or U.K. visas, report of U.S. birth, U.S. citizenship, and passport pick-up.

    48 FSS/FSPS
    DSN: 226-1210

    RAF Mildenhall 100 FSS Passport Information

    To make an appointment, please call 226-1210 or email us:

    Email us

  •  MPF Leadership

    Bldg 977 (Liberty Center)
    Please see individual sections for phone numbers.


    MPF Leadrship:

    Lieutenant Commander: 226-2467

    MPF Superintendent: 226-3610 

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