Honor Guard

  •  General

    Our primary mission is to provide funeral honors for our fallen comrades. Mandated by Congress, every deceased veteran will have military burial honors and we are proud to provide these honors. We serve as ambassadors of the Air Force on and off base.

    Additional Duties:

    Additional duties of the RAF Lakenheath Base Honor Guard include, but are not limited to:

    • Retirement Ceremonies
    • Change of Command Ceremonies
    • Color Teams for Official Receptions, Base and Community Functions
    • Wedding Ceremonies
    • Parades and Base/Community Sporting Events

  •  Becoming a member


    Membership on the Honor Guard is strictly voluntary. Individuals interested in becoming a member of the Honor Guard must meet the following requirements.

    • A Volunteering Attitude
    • Approval of Supervisor, 1st Sergeant and Commander
    • Strictly comply with Uniform and Fitness Standards
    • No unfavorable information files, disciplinary, or adverse administrative action pending
    • Have at least 13 months remaining on station until DEROS
    • Attend weekly practice on Thursdays from 1500-1700
  •  Benefits
    • Wing Level Annual Awards program
    • Distinctive Uniforms
    • Participation at Special Functions and Events
    • The opportunity to compete at the MAJCOM and Air Force wide level
    • Excellent bullet for EPR’s and letters of recommendation, sense of pride, dedication and tradition as “Ambassadors in Blue” to the military and civilian community.
  •  Useful Info

    Download Documents

    Save time by downloading and completing all the required registration documents in advance.

     Forms & Information

  •  Contact

    DSN: 226-3980

    Whether you are interested in becoming a member of the Honor Guard, or simply need more information, get in touch; we are here to help.

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