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    Requests for care are now being submitted through MilitaryChildCare.com, a gateway to military-operated and military-approved child care programs worldwide.

Child Development Centers

Parents can use full-time care for their child while they work throughout the week or hourly care spaces when short-term care is needed. Requests for care are now being submitted through MilitaryChildCare.com, a secure DoD website that provides a single gateway for you to find comprehensive information on military-operated and military-approved child care programs worldwide.

The RAF Lakenheath Child Development Program has an overall capacity of 341 full-time spaces in two locations for children of dual employed families. Full-time care is provided at both the East Center (located between the Alterations shop and base housing) and the West Center (near Gate 2 and base housing). Care is provided to children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years of age. RAF Lakenheath Child Development Programs work with 26 classrooms, adapting environments, to ensure the demand for care is met.

Early Learning Matters

Air Force Child Development Centers will implement a new curriculum, Early Learning Matters (ELM), in September 2018. DoD, in conjunction with Purdue University, developed the new curriculum to guide learning for school readiness and life success. ELM uses research-informed goals and practices that build on children's developmental pathways. The curriculum is fully aligned with the National Association for the Education of Young Children's (NAEYC) guidelines, including accreditation criteria, and early learning standards. ELM was piloted at AF Child Development Centers (CDCs) prior to the decision to implement AF-wide.

ELM has 50 weeks of developmentally appropriate activity plans for children organized by age ranges. Each activity provides examples of how to implement the activity and scaffolding tips. Included in the resources are observation and assessment procedures for individualizing children's learning, guides and training resources, reproducible material, and weekly parenting tips for extending children's learning at home. CDC staff will access ELM on the DoD Virtual Lab School website. An informational flyer and sample curriculum can be downloaded below.

Contact Us

CDC East: 659
CDC West: 439

Chester St, Lakenheath, Brandon IP27 9PS, United Kingdom

6:30am-6pm, both locations

Sat-Sun & US Holidays

CDC East: DSN 226-3285
CDC West: DSN 226-5812

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