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    The RAF Lakenheath Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) offers an array of specialized programs and services aimed at improving the quality of life for military members and their families. The A&FRC offers experienced Staff members that are able to bring any program or service that we offer in our center into the squadron. Staff members also take individual appointments for more personal services. A key resource on your installation and a gateway to accessing all of the resources available to you, they provide information, support and services to help you balance the demands of family and the military lifestyle.

    The A&FRC is one part of the overall installation family support system, which is the network of agencies, programs, services, partnerships and individuals that supports your personal and family life readiness, mobilization and deployment readiness, and mobility and economic readiness. And should be one of your first stops upon arriving at an installation; its programs and services are an important resource for you and your family.  

    Class Descriptions

    Employment Wednesdays

    Employment Wednesdays

    Each Wednesday, there will be a featured class to help with everything from resumes, to interviews, and your online presence.

    There will also be a set of classes revolving around Federal employment. 

    Bundles For Babies

    Bundles For Babies

    Come to the A&FRC's Bundles for Babies event for information on budgeting, WIC Overseas, passports, new parent support, car seat safety and more! Expectant parents will also receive a $50 BX Gift Card to purchase essential baby items.
    Contact the A&FRC to sign up. 

    Reintegration Briefing

    Monday & Thursday: 9:00-10:00am

    Pre-Deployment Briefing

    Thursday: 10:30am-12:30pm

    Building Your Financial Foundation

    This workshop is designed to give Airman a general overview of personal financial management. Topics covered include spend plans, financial goal setting, emergency savings, debt management, investing and much more.

    Investing in your Future – Thrift Savings Plan

    This workshop is designed to help Airman understand the importance of saving for retirement. Workshop will cover an overview of the Thrift Savings Plan, how to enroll, and investment options.

    Couples Connection

    This free event is designed to enhance relationships through the Four Lenses and The 5 Love Languages. Dinner will be provided for participants (limited to 12 couples) and there will be prizes given to participants. Open to all married/committed couples. Call to register.

    Deployed Family Event

    We invite the spouses and family members of deployed service members to meet, socialize and build relationships to assist during a deployment. Cost is free for all pre-deployers and their families 30 days from departure, members’ families while they are deployed and returning members and families 30 days after deployment. Call for more information.

    Heart Link

    This event is designed to welcome new Air Force spouses to the Air Force community and provide an introduction into the Air Force culture. Join us for a fun filled day of interactive games, networking and information sharing.

    Resume 101

    Resume 101

    Interviewing Insight

    Interviewing Insight

    Select Wednesdays • 9-11am
    Need some tips to nail that next job interview? Join us for this class!

    Linkedin, a How-To Guide

    Linkedin, a How-To Guide

    Other Programs 

    Air Force Aid Society

    The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) is administered through the A&FRC. This service provides emergency financial assistance to active duty Air Force members, Title 10 reservists, retirees, and their families. The Society provides interest free loans based on situation for needs such as:

    Basic Living Expenses
    Emergency Travel
    Vehicle Expenses
    Funeral Expenses
    Medical/Dental Expenses
    Respite Care

    To apply for AFAS financial assistance, go to  click on “How We Help" and scroll down to select "Apply for Assistance Now".

     Additionally, the AFAS supports a number of base programs such as Car Care Because We Care (for deployed spouses), Give Parents a Break, Childcare for Volunteers, Respite Care, and the H. H. Arnold Educational Grant program for the spouses and children of active duty and retired members.

    Employment Assistance Program

    Looking for a job can be a daunting task, but you’re not alone when it comes to finding employment. The staff at the Airman and Family Readiness Center are here to help you open doors! Our goal is to ensure you have the information needed to improve the effectiveness of your job search. You’ll be guided through the process from cover letters to how to conduct yourself in an interview. In addition to classes, you can schedule a personal consultation with one of our experts to assist you personally!

    Career Classes
    Join us for Employment Wednesdays! Every Wednesday we have a different employment class designed to assist you. Classes include Resume 101 (civilian resume), Federal Employment Part 1 (USAJobs website navigation), Federal Employment Part 2 (federal resumes), Interview Insight (interview skills) and LinkedIn.

    Resume Assistance
    Ever wonder why you aren’t getting referred for the job you want so badly? We can help you make your résumé stand out from all the rest.

    Interviewing Skills
    Most employers assess a candidate’s value within the first 30 seconds of an interview. We can teach you how to make those 30 seconds the key to opening up employment opportunities.

    Personal Assistance
    We know the job hunt can be stressful and confusing. When you’re ready to look for work, visit us for valuable consulting. We can help you locate job opportunities and assist you with completing your application and résumé.

    Helpful Links & Documents 

    Exceptional Family Member Program


    Do you have a family member enrolled in EFMP, or who might meet EFMP criteria?  The EFMP Family Support Office is here to help. We provide information & referral to local services, and we also offer non-clinical case management.  In addition, we host educational workshops and EFMP family events designed to support community connectedness and resiliency.

    For more information, contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center at 01638-52-3847.
    Be sure to look for additional resources online at:

    Helpful Documents

    Key Spouse Program

    The U.S. Air Force Key Spouse Program (KSP) is an official Air Force Unit Family Readiness Program designed to enhance readiness, personal/family resiliency and establish a sense of Air Force community. Key Spouses are trained volunteers hand-selected by their unit leadership to provide personal, peer-to-peer support for their squadron's families.  Their role is to care for families by providing them with information from their squadron's leadership about events, programs, and other available resources. As an official unit representative, they also serve as a point of contact when spouses need to communicate any difficulties they may be experiencing. As fellow military spouses who also live with and adapt to military lifestyle cycles and changes, they are passionate about what they do!  Key Spouses are critical team members. They are informed, equipped, and empowered to make a difference on base and in the lives of their squadron's families.

    Why is the key spouse program important?

    • Promotes individual, family, and unit readiness and resiliency
    • Establishes and maintains continuous contact with spouses and families
    • Encourages peer-to-peer Wingman support amongst spouses and families
    • Builds family links to leadership
    • Provides an informal sounding board to leadership
    • Strengthens leadership’s support team

    What are the key spouse program outcomes?

    • Increased awareness of installation and community resources
    • Identified/resolved issues at lowest levels
    • Enhanced up and down information flow
    • Prepared and supported families during separations/deployments
    • Increased sense of unit support
    • Improved quality of life amongst unit families
    • Increased readiness and retention
    • Enhanced individual and family resilience

    The goal is to have a team of trained volunteers who can support your unit’s military families in an official capacity.

    If you are interested in having an active role in your squadron as a Key Spouse, please schedule a meeting with your squadron commander in order to obtain an official appointment. (Key Spouses are official commander appointed volunteers who represent the unit and MUST be appointed in writing prior to attending Key Spouse Initial Training.) Volunteers of any gender, age, or rank are encouraged to become Key Spouses.

    The Commander’s Desktop Guide provides commanders with information and resources to help units manage their official KSP. The guide is designed to provide a practical approach to develop an effective unit KSP, with tips and tools to assist commanders in recruiting, interviewing and selecting unit Key Spouse(s) and Key Spouse Mentor(s).

    The KS and KSM Desktop Guides provide volunteers with guidance, information and resources on how to meet the expectations of their role and vision set forth by their unit commander.

    Helpful Documents

    Military Family Life Counselors

    The Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC) Program is based out of the Airman and Family Readiness Center.

    The program is designed to deliver short term, situational, problem-solving nonmedical counseling services to all branches of the military and their families. MFLC support addresses issues that occur specifically within the military lifestyle and helps Service members and their families cope with normal reactions to the stressful/adverse situations created by deployments and reintegration. The services of MFLCs are intended to augment existing military counseling services.

    • Completely confidential and private, except for duty-to-warn situations.
    • Flexible service delivery: Outreach/rotational and On-demand. The consultants rotate installations every 180 days and they operate on flexible hours.
    • Services can be provided on or off military installations. The consultants cannot meet you at your home or your car.
    • Services provided to individuals, couples, and families.  
    • They are mandated reporters of child abuse, domestic abuse, and other duty-to-warn situations.

    To schedule an appointment call: 07748-983-894 or 07879-051-499

    Personal Financial Readiness

    The RAF Lakenheath A&FRC Financial Readiness Program mission is assist individuals and families attain financial security throughout their lives.  A&FRC Counselors and Educators are available in a group or one-on-one setting for all members of the military community including active duty, reservists, family members, civilian employees, and retirees of any military service. We provide the following, FREE:


    1. Preventative Education: We help you develop financial goals and improve money management skills needed to be financially ready for the challenges of military and adult life. Common topics include basic investing, Thrift Savings Plan / retirement planning, credit & debt management, PCS/deployment readiness, student loan management including Public Service Loan Forgiveness, purchasing a vehicle or home, moving out of the dorms, getting married or divorced and planning for a new baby.

    2. Crisis Education: If you are experiencing a financial crisis such as an unexpected emergency, death of a loved one or stressful credit loads we can help you develop a workable budget or a debt management plan.

    3. Proactive Education: Learn about how to effectively plan for your long-term financial security and wellness. We’ll help you feel more prepared in planning for long-term goals such as retirement, home buying, education financing, or opening a business.


    A&FRC Financial Counselors and Educators hold certifications through the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education or the Center for Financial Certification.  We strive to serve our community as the most trusted resource for quality financial education that is always free from conflict of interest.

    We have a Certified Financial Planner available for one to one appointments and to provide training and workshops, both at the A&FRC or at the work site, courtesy of the DoD Office of Financial Readiness Program.  Take advantage of this FREE service.

    *Be aware of predatory financial practices!
    If you are seeking financial services from off base companies, we recommend seeing us before you sign or buy anything.
    Please contact the A&FRC if you want information, have questions or need anything financial related. We are here to educate and advocate for you.

    Helpful Documents and Links
    • Thrift Savings Plan
      o    Dedicated site for managing your TSP retirement account​.

    • Military OneSource​
      o    Central hub for up-to-date information on all aspects of military life including links to budget and credit counselors.​

    • Blended Retirement System​
      o    Central hub for up-to-date information regarding the Blended Retirement System.​

    • Consumer Finance Protection Bureau​
      o    ​A U.S. government agency that makes sure banks, lenders, and other financial companies treat you fairly as well as providing the information you need to make more informed choices about your money.

    • Consumer Federation of America
      o    ​An advocacy, research, education and service organization that gathers facts, analyzes issues, and disseminates information to the public, policymakers, and the consumer movement.

    • Federal Reserve Board
      o    "The Fed," as it is called, offers comprehensive personal financial education. Topics include consumer banking, consumer protection, economics, home mortgages, interest rates, loans/credit, and other general information.

    • Social Security Administration
      o    Advances the economic security of the nation's people through compassionate and vigilant leadership in shaping and managing America's Social Security programs.

    Personal/Work Life

    Promotes community wellness and assists with the readiness and resiliency of the force across the life cycle. Our programs provide education and enrichment services that focus on helping families build and maintain healthy relationships, strengthen interpersonal competencies and problem-solving skills, and master respective roles, tasks, and responsibilities throughout the family life cycle. We focus on promoting, enriching and improving work/home balance, resulting in increased quality of life and resiliency.

    Heart Link: The Spouse Orientation Program “Heart Link” is designed to strengthen military families and enhance mission readiness. The overall objective is to increase retention of members in the Air Force by increasing spouse awareness of the Air Force mission, customs, traditions, protocol, and support resources and services available to them. Spouses will be presented with a Heart Link coin during graduation.  Limited free child care is available, call the Airman & Family Readiness Center for details.

    Couples Connection/Team Building in the Units: The 4 Lenses™ assessment: is a proven personality assessment which helps organizations build a solid understanding of the innate talent and potential of its individuals. The 4-Lenses™ instrument was created from the research of the Myers Briggs’ Personality Type Indicator, as well as David Keirsey’s modifications to this instrument in his book, Please Understand Me. This instrument has been simplified to create a more enjoyable experience with longer-lasting application retention. Couples Connection utilizes both the 4-Lenses™ and the 5 Love Languages to enhance relationships and provide marriage enrichment.

    Relocation Assistance

    The RAF Lakenheath Relocation Program provides timely comprehensive relocation services.  The program has been developed to incorporate the needs of the military and family members, geographically separated units, DoD civilians and contractors.  We provide:

    • Weekly Newcomers Orientation
    • Childcare for PSC Voucher
    • GPS on Loan for House Hunting Purposes
    • Temporary Dish Kits on Loan for 30 Days
    • Cultural Adaptation
    • Managing your Move classes (PCSing out)

    We have services from the day you receive your orders until the transition is complete as we understand your unique challenges.  It is important that you become acclimated into the new community.

    To learn more about any military Installation visit:

     Helpful Links & Documents

    Transition Assistance Program

    The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides the tools and training to retiring or separating Air Force members, DoD civilians and their family members, necessary to help them make a successful transition from the military. It provides individualized transition counseling to help clients explore and assess their employment strengths. The bottom line is to provide the customer with as many transition options as possible.

    The program also teaches subjects outside the normal transition time parameters (i.e. resume writing, skills assessment, etc.) so that potential separatees/retirees can anticipate future needs. The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) prepares separating, retiring, and demobilizing service members (and their families) with information, skills, and knowledge necessary for a successful transition from military to civilian life. The first step in your transition process is to complete the congressionally-mandated Pre-separation Counseling session, which furnishes detailed information on the various benefits and services available to you.  The second step is TAP, the 5-day Transition course facilitated by the A&FRC, Department of Labor and VA. The final step is Capstone, which is a one-on-one appointment with one of our trained staff members to further develop your future plans.

    Other optional 2-day courses provide more in-depth information on Higher Education (hosted by the Education Center), Career Exploration and Planning Track facilitated by the DOL, and the Boots to Business track facilitated by the Small Business Administration.

    Each A&FRC is staffed to provide personalized assistance for all your transition-related needs.

    Helpful Documents

    Voting Assistance Program

    The 48th FW Installation Voter Assistance (IVA) Office is part of the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) and is a Department of Defense (DoD) organization that works to ensure Air Force members, their eligible family members, and overseas citizens are aware of their right to vote and have the tools and resources to successfully do so from anywhere in the world.

    The IVA Office offers three main services to assist U.S. citizens with their ability to vote: 1) Assistance with registering to vote by absentee ballot and requesting an absentee ballot; 2) Assistance with completing a back-up ballot in the event an official ballot is not received; 3) Assistance with registering to vote for first time voters. For more information visit, call FVAP at 1-800-438-VOTE, or call the Air Force Total Service Center (TFSC) at 1-800-525-0102 for 24-hour voting assistance.

    Installation Voter Assistance Office Contact Information:

    Location: Airman and Family Readiness Center (Building 950)
    Phone: DSN: 226-VOTE (8683) or Commercial: 01638-52-VOTE (8683)
    Email us
    Or visit us on-line:

    Office Hours:
    Monday: 10:00 – 11:00
    Wednesday: 13:00 – 14:00
    Friday: 10:00 – 11:00

    Wing Volunteer Resource Program

    Do you have a passion to help others? Do you want to make a difference or even explore new interests?
    Try Volunteering. You will be glad you did! The Volunteer Resource Program enhances volunteerism by creating a central base resource for volunteer recruitment, training and recognition.

    If you are interested in volunteering, call at 01638-52-3847 or visit the A&FRC. The Volunteer Resource Coordinator can meet with you to assess areas of interest and provide information on other possible volunteer opportunities. 

    Deployment Readiness Program

     The Airmen & Family Readiness Center provides information, referral and a variety of resources to help active duty personnel and families meet the challenges of deployments, extended TDY's (30 days or longer) and remote tour assignments. Assistance is provided through a variety of programs before, during and after all mission related separations. Weekly Pre Deployment Briefings are held every Thursday and Reintegration Briefings are held every Monday and Thursday. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend briefings with their active duty sponsor to receive education and information on topics of resilience, personal & family readiness and services available. Additionally, The Airmen & Family Readiness Center offers "Car Care Because We Care" and "Give Parents A Break" vouchers and hosts "Deployed Family Dinners" every third Wednesday of the month.  Please contact the Readiness NCO or the A&FRC front desk for more information.

    Casualty/Survivor Benefits Program

    The Air Force Casualty program provides prompt, accurate reporting, dignified and humane notification and efficient, thorough and compassionate assistance to family members and other designated persons after a member is placed on a casualty status.

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