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    The RAF Lakenheath Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) offers an array of specialized programs and services aimed at improving the quality of life for military members and their families. The A&FRC offers experienced Community Readiness Consultants that are able to bring any program or service that we offer in our center into the squadron. Community Readiness Consultants also take individual appointments for more personal services. A key resource on your installation and a gateway to accessing all of the resources available to you, they provide information, support and services to help you balance the demands of family and the military lifestyle. Please call DSN 226-3847 or 01638 523847 for more information.

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    The A&FRC is one part of the overall installation family support system, which is the network of agencies, programs, services, partnerships and individuals that supports your personal and family life readiness, mobilization and deployment readiness, and mobility and economic readiness. And should be one of your first stops upon arriving at an installation; its programs and services are an important resource for you and your family. Shuttle services are available between RAF Lakenheath’s Liberty Lodge and London Heathrow airport. Contact us for the most up to date schedule.

    Air Force Aid Society

    The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) is also available in the center. This service provides emergency financial and educational assistance to active duty Air Force members, retirees, and their families. The Society provides interest free loans and grants based on the individual situation for needs such as:

    Basic Living Expenses, Emergency Travel, Vehicle Expenses, Funeral Expenses, Medical/Dental, Child Care/Respite, Moving Expenses, Misc. expenses.

    Additionally, the AFAS supports a number of base programs such as Car Care Because We Care (for deployed spouses), Give Parents a Break, respite care, volunteer child care, and the H. H. Arnold Educational Grant program for the spouses and children of active duty and retired members. For AFAS Financial Assistance Loans go to click on “Emergency Assistance” on the left hand side, and complete the online application.

    Employment Assistance Program

    The overall goal of the Employment Assistance Program is to enhance the marketability and employability of family members at RAF Lakenheath. Achieving this goal means addressing these program objectives: assisting in career planning; helping family members learn job-search skills; increasing opportunities for paid and volunteer employment; increasing opportunities for vocational and educational development and increasing access to employment information.

    The training and information provided can help you identify and reach your employment and career development goals, manage employment challenges associated with a mobile lifestyle and develop job search skills. The A&FRC provides career planning classes, career counseling, local labor market information, employment trend tracking, skills and interests’ identification, job bank referrals, resources for self employment, and much more.

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    Exceptional Family Member Program

    balletThe role of the Family Support Specialist is to help families on that path to empowerment by providing information and referral services, non-medical case management, training and other forms of support, such as opportunities for families to connect around a common need or concern. DoD ID card holders are eligible for EFMP Family Support services, even if they are not enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program.

    Locating and navigating programs and services when relocating can be difficult, because they may have a different title in the new area or fall under the responsibility of a different agency. The EFMP family support provider can help bridge that gap, as well as help families understand what those programs offer, how to determine eligibility and how to apply for benefits. Please contact the EFMP-FS Specialist at RAF Lakenheath at DSN 226-3847 or Commercial 01638-523847 for questions or additional information.

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    Family Readiness

    The Readiness Program provides the 48th Fighter Wing with advice and resources on family readiness issues. It also provides assistance to family members before and after times of mobilization, deployments/separation or evacuation. The family readiness coordinator promotes preparedness for these situations through family education and development of assistance programs such as pre-deployment, deployment and reunion seminars, spouse support groups, Give Parents a Break and Car Care Because We Care programs.

    In addition, the coordinator helps families maintain contact during separations. This program assists you and your family during all phases of the deployment cycle, providing workshops and services to help meet the challenges of deployment, as well as information and referral to deployment-related resources. Services include pre-deployment education briefings for deploying members and families; sustainment support services such as email connectivity, morale calls, and applicable Air Force Aid Society programs and return/reunion/reintegration support,

    Information Referral

    The Information and Referral program’s core function is to link individuals and families with the right resource to meet their needs. Whether you are new to the United Kingdom and/or Air Force – you may have questions about living overseas or about different base agencies. An integral function of the family center, information and referral services can assist you in identifying and clarifying needs to determine appropriate forms of assistance and help locate needed services and programs available both on and off your installation, and national resources. The A&FRC has a database of on- and off-base resources available to active duty and family members. Our goal is to make this an easy experience you enjoy.

    Military Family Life Counselors

    Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLC) are available to help service members, their spouses, and family members address:

    • Deployment/Reintegration Support » Marriage and Relationship Issues
    • Stress and Anxiety » Depression » Grief and Loss » Daily Life Issues

    Consultations and trainings are free and anonymous (exceptions to confidentiality include duty to warn cases and PRP disqualifiers.) No records are kept. After-hours and weekend appointments may be available, and group or off-site meetings can be arranged. RAF Lakenheath MFLCs can be contacted by calling: Commercial 07748-983894 or 07879-051499.

    Personal Financial Readiness

    The Personal Finance Readiness (PFR) program is designed to give Airmen and their families a general overview of personal financial management.  The PFR program offers information, educational classes, and one-on-one counseling on an array of financial topics such as: budgeting, financial goal setting, debt management, saving and investing, and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) to include information on the new Blended Retirement System that begins on 1 January 2018.  The program goal is to help Airmen and their families maintain personal financial readiness throughout their Air Force Career. We can also assist in pulling your free credit report/score from 

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    Personal/Work Life

    Promotes community wellness and assists with the readiness and resiliency of the force across the life cycle. Our programs provide education and enrichment services that focus on helping families build and maintain healthy relationships, strengthen interpersonal competencies and problem-solving skills, and master respective roles, tasks, and responsibilities throughout the family life cycle. We focus on promoting, enriching and improving work/home balance, resulting in increased quality of life and resiliency.

    Heart Link: The Spouse Orientation Program “Heart Link” is designed to strengthen military families and enhance mission readiness. The overall objective is to increase retention of members in the Air Force by increasing spouse awareness of the Air Force mission, customs, traditions, protocol, and support resources and services available to them. Spouses will be presented with a Heart Link coin during graduation.  Limited free child care is available, call the Airman & Family Readiness Center for details.

    Couples Connection/Team Building in the Units: The 4 Lenses™ assessment: is a proven personality assessment which helps organizations build a solid understanding of the innate talent and potential of its individuals. The 4-Lenses™ instrument was created from the research of the Myers Briggs’ Personality Type Indicator, as well as David Keirsey’s modifications to this instrument in his book, Please Understand Me. This instrument has been simplified to create a more enjoyable experience with longer-lasting application retention. Couples Connection utilizes both the 4-Lenses™ and the 5 Love Languages to enhance relationships and provide marriage enrichment.

    Key Spouse Program: Key Spouses are trained volunteers that provide personal, peer-to-peer support for their squadron’s families. As an official unit representative, they also serve as a point of contact when spouses need to communicate any difficulties they may be experiencing to their leadership. They are a critical team member of each squadron’s leadership, and they are informed, equipped, and empowered to make a difference on base and in the lives of their squadron’s families. If you are interested in having an active role in your squadron as a Key Spouse, please schedule a meeting with your squadron commander in order to obtain an official appointment. If you are unsure who your unit Key Spouse is or if you would like to inquire further about this program, please contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center at 01638-52-3847.

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    Relocation Assistance

    The relocation program provides an array of services to meet you and your family’s needs when experiencing a permanent change of station (PCS) move. Services include, but are not limited to various relocation workshops to help you prepare for a move; access to Plan My Move and Military Installations Directory, web-based information systems that provide in-depth information on world-wide installations and communities; where offered, a loan closet for temporary loan of needed/basic household items while awaiting household goods; and assistance with in-transit emergencies. The A&FRC works with other base agencies to keep relocation information current, timely, and relevant to allow you to make informed decisions to ensure you experience a smooth and successful move.

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    Transition Assistance Program

    The Transition Assistance Program provides the tools and training to retiring or separating Air Force members, DoD civilians and their family members, necessary to help them make a successful transition from the military. It provides individualized transition counseling to help clients explore and assess their employment strengths. The bottom line is to provide the customer with as many transition options as possible.

    The program also teaches subjects outside the normal transition time parameters (i.e. resume writing, skills assessment, etc.) so that potential separatees/retirees can anticipate future needs. The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) prepares separating, retiring, and demobilizing service members (and their families) with information, skills, and knowledge necessary for a successful transition from military to civilian life.

    The first step in your transition process is to complete the congressionally-mandated Pre-separation Counseling session, which furnishes detailed information on the various benefits and services available to you. The second step is TAP, the 5-day Transition course facilitated by the A&FRC, Department of Labor and VA. The final step is Capstone, which is a one-on-one appointment with one of our trained staff members to further develop your future plans. Other optional 2-day courses provide more in-depth information on Higher Education (hosted by the Education Center), Career Technical Track facilitated by the VA, and the Boots to Business track facilitated by the Small Business Administration. Each A&FRC is staffed to provide personalized assistance for all your transition-related needs.

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    Voting Assistance Program

    The 48th FW Installation Voter Assistance (IVA) Office is part of the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) and is a Department of Defense (DoD) organization that works to ensure Air Force members, their eligible family members, and overseas citizens are aware of their right to vote and have the tools and resources to successfully do so from anywhere in the world.

    The Installation Voter Assistance (IVA) Office offers three main services to assist U.S. citizens with their ability to vote. 1) The IVA Office provides assistance with completing the Federal Postal Card Application (FPCA) which registers individuals to vote abroad and requests an absentee ballots for Federal and State Elections. 2) The IVA Office provides assistance with completing the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB) which serves as a back-up ballot in the event an official absentee ballot is not received. 3) The IVA Office provides assistance with voter registration for U.S. citizens who have never registered to vote.

    The Installation Voter Assistance (IVA) Office can be contacted by calling DSN 226-VOTE (8683) or 01638-52-VOTE (8683) or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The IVA Office is located in building 950 with office hours every Monday from 10:00am to 11:00am, Wednesday 1:00pm to 2:00pm, and Friday 10:00am to 11:00am.

    For more information on the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) or help with the absentee voting process please go to or call FVAP at 1-800-438-VOTE. 24-Hour voting assistance is available from the Air Force Total Service Center (TFSC) at 1-800-525-0102.

    Wing Volunteer Resource Program

    The Wing Volunteer Resource Program maintains a job bank of volunteer positions where volunteers will gain new skills, obtain work experience, and help the overall morale and well-being of the community.

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    Want to know what is happening this month at the A&FRC? Check out our calendar! You can also find a compilation of helpful documents - from transition assistance to EFMP information - by clicking on the Forms & Information link below. Have a question that we haven't answered? Give us a call at 226-3847 or 01638-523847. 

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