The Alpha Warrior Battle Rig 2017 U.K. Regional Winners!

Join us in cheering on RAF Lakenheath’s own Austin Huddleston and Stephanie Reinelt as they make their way to San Antonio for the national Alpha Warrior competition!

In September, RAF Lakenheath hosted the Alpha Warrior Battle Rig. The three-day event welcomed Alpha Warrior Pros Brett Steffensen, Rebekah Bonilla and Brittany Reid to the RAF Fitness Center to kick off the festivities. Congratulations to the winners of the U.K. Regional Competition and all participants.


Male Category

• Austin Huddleston

• Daniel Rosa

• Eddy Tang


Female Category

• Stephanie Reinelt

• Rhonda Nunez

• Vanessa Soto

The Battle Rig

After the big event in September, the Alpha Warrior Battle Rig has a permanent home in the Fitness Center at RAF Lakenheath. The rig will be used for team-building events as well as made available for Fitness Center patrons to use and enjoy.


• Each participant will receive a t-shirt and anyone who completes the course with no fails will receive a medal.

• The top Active Duty USAF male and female finisher will receive a free trip to San Antonio to compete at the Alpha Warrior National Competition in November 2017.


Alpha Warrior Pros Rebekah BonillaBrent Steffensen and Brittany Reid will be visiting RAF Lakenheath for this event.


This event is spectator-friendly! We encourage families to come and cheer on our warriors!